SURVIVAL OF THE MOST TENACIOUS is a moody series of promotional posters for my website. It is a way for me to capture what it feels like to be a hybrid, multidisciplinary designer in 2017. It's never easy, and anyone who's ever had a struggle proving oneself can tell you it can sometimes feel like the world is unfair and designers are being less valued than anyone in the workplace, but of course, such thoughts are toxic and untrue and biased in a lot of ways.  What's interesting for me is that I don't consider myself as an artist, nothing about what I do is out of pure talent. It is more like hard work, and the constant need to be worth what they are paying you, or for that title, or for that privilege to work with such high caliber clients. I have high respects for people who are going through the same thing I'm going through. Such high respect. I needed to remind myself that even my heroes struggled, and failed and anybody who discourages failure is a failed teacher. Nothing teaches people life lessons more than failures.
I made the tone ominous, and dark, and frustrating for obvious reasons. I hope it's effective. 


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