Story behind the work:
When I was a teenager, people just genuinely leave me alone. The idea of “celebrating my birthday with friends” is something i had the hardest time to grasp for nobody wanted to hang out with me. I felt like I was missing out a lot. I’ve spent a huge chunk of my academic life in a Catholic school where I’ve never felt more alone, and different, and mildly suffocated by all the conformity and peer pressure. Now I’m an adult, almost 30, the idea of having time for myself, and not being tied down to any sort of peer pressure and belonging just really sounds like the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m not saying Catholic school is terrible (if I have a kid, Catholic school is still my number one choice). I’m saying comforting to ideas of others, to influences of others, and what society thinks you should be doing and at the end of the day crawling back to your parents, friends whining about how miserable you are because of said ideas is probably not the fastest path to self-growth.

An Instagram faux poem inspired by the earlier months of a relationship

English Translation: You're lucky to have me.

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