February 2016, I was hand-selected by my then-agency, Publicis JimenezBasic to represent the company for the Young Kidlat awards (held in the Philippines), together with a copywriter, David Mangubat. Publicis JimenezBasic is the largest creative advertising agency in the Philippines. To say that it was an honor to do this is an understatement. 
A 24-hour challenge: we competed against 30+ teams for the challenge of producing a mock campaign with the brief of raising awareness with the preservation of various Philippine heritage sites. 
Our strategy is simple: research, ideate, execute, revise and launch. For the first two hours, I went to Quiapo, Manila to scout actual places, David did his own online. After gathering necessary data, we brainstormed on the possible ideas that could potentially work, eliminating 90% of it, and working through the 10% that we feel strongly for. 
Our proposed campaign is titled, "#15seconds", with the idea of disappearing ads online that matches the decaying heritage site, with a direct attack on the subject, and really pushing through with letting the locals know which of the sites were in dire need of saving. Our strategy will focus more on the local residents, ages 25-40 and will be published on different channels: Print (billboards at local parks) and web (social media). 
Below are the key visual, a concept board and a sample execution. ​​​​​​​

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