A collection of portraits from the first half of 2017. I've been to Iceland last February, and on a six-day cross-state road trip (from Phoenix, Arizona to Jersey city, New Jersey) last March and while I've seen the best landscapes that the places offered, nothing took my breath away more than the people I was with while traveling, and discovering what it means to strip yourself off of walls, and learn to open your caged heart to new things. 
I'm no portrait photographer; In fact, I've always been shy, abnormally shy, around people I don't know. It, sometimes, feels like an intrusion to photograph someone, to capture that face in purity, and living in a world of overexposure, I am no stranger to the value of security, privacy and the beauty of keeping some things for yourself. I guess what I'm trying to point out is that, oftentimes when I like something, I tend to want to shout it out, to not be shy about anything, to show off not for jealousy but for inspiration, to tell that sad, brooding teenager that when the world comes knocking... try your hardest to open the door, even if you're crying while you're at it. Because good things happen to good people too, contrary to what my 16-year-old self used to think. 
And if you're really persuasive, good people happen to amazing, and under-rated underdogs too. 
I honestly think that my life would be less interesting without (some) people in it. I don't think anybody but person has ever heard me say, "I love you." so consider this as a the first written documentation of my heart that actually exists. Even if it's not too obvious - sometimes. To being unapologetically loving! 
photos are taken using a Nikon D7100 and a 55mm lens. Enjoy.  

B in Seaside Heights, New Jersey | April 2017

Alysa on a glacier hike in Southern Iceland | February 2017

Our fantastic guide, the other half of a glacier-hiking duo, Mike in Southern Iceland | February 2017

In case you're interested in booking this tour group, where Mike and his wife, Sigga, are a part of: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g189970-d7788374-r458287119-Guide_to_Iceland-Reykjavik_Capital_Region.html

Laughing at my jokes as usual? A rare chill afternoon with B in Centennial Park, Nashville, Tennessee | April 2017

On a glacier high with Alysa in Southern Iceland | February 2017

I think this face is grander than The Grand Canyon, Arizona | April 2017

A stranger contemplating by the cliff, The Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona | April 2017

This air is best you share with me-kind of moment, The Grand Canyon National Park, AZ | April 2017

A self-portrait somewhere in New Mexico, USA | April 2017

End of photoset. Thoughts? I am not cheesy. I can explain myself, send me a private message if you want :) 

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