In transit
Downtown Jersey city street shots | Photowalk in December
All images taken using a Nikon D7100, and processed using Adobe Lightroom CC
Notes from the Photographer: To me, photography is meditation. Like all things that would require patience, every shot is situational, and vastly dictated by its environment. Sometimes, there's nothing you can do, as a photographer, but to standstill, to focus, and to be prepared (technically) for a shot worth standing on that cold for. It isn't the bravest of feat, in the general sense, but it does require an interest for the mundane of the street/urban life. Minimum. Because nobody wants to go out there, risk getting robbed (or worse) and NOT get at least one decent shot. That shot is everything, and nothing at the same time. Perhaps, in the age of Instant Photography, and hack photographers, it is quite easy to fake things, to convince people, to feel like a fraud, to get lost in the sea of automation, to lose control of all of the things you've learned over the perils of modernization -
Which is why I still think street photography is a pretty bold genre, and if you don't fully immerse yourself in the action, it will show.  When people put a part of their soul in their work, it would be difficult to fake its authenticity. Even when the world is clapping for the other side - or even when it is not clapping at all. 


Reminds me of inhibitions, and how difficult it is to abandon them.

Living to scratch the surface completely
Solo walks are necessary.
In full view
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