New York Senate Democrats Website
A simple, sleek and modern responsive website for the New York Senate Democrats highlighting who they are, what they are doing for New York, and what you, as a citizen, can do to support the causes they are fronting. Its primary aim is to establish a stellar online presence so New Yorkers can be aware of the political landscape of the state. 
Client: DSCC
Agency: The Parkside Group
As the sole designer on the team, I've worked with a content strategist/writer, and directly with the client throughout the ideation and production of this project. Among the client's biggest priorities brought up were accessibility, a refresh in branding, and content strategy. I've used a modern full-stack of softwares (Sketch, Google Docs, Keynote, Invision + Wordpress) in delivering the final product, as well as all the secondary deliverables such as early sketches, sitemaps, written documentation, custom css code, content organization et cetera. I prioritized the functionality and content first, then proceeded with the UI, the area in which the client had the least amount of revision on.

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