Manila, Philippines--- I was invited to speak to a Senior High School class at Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Media Arts Senior High School. About 30+ students listened to an hour's worth of User Experience talk and Q&A afterwards.
In today's fast-paced world, what is the meaning of UX Design and how is it relevant to the future of our careers? How do you build a portfolio, career and ultimately, a future in tech starting in high school? I explored these insightful questions and more with young and talented Filipinos who are studying design and media. Thank you so much, Jonelle Pinlac-Gupit for the opportunity and to Jen Mandia for these fantastic illustrations.
Chicago, USA--- To watch the video recording, please go to this link: Chicago Camps Vimeo. If you are interested to see more of these types of content, please check out their Vimeo Channel. Loads of interesting and thought-provoking talks from such talented designers in tech. It was a pleasure to be a part of this.
Gave this talk twice, one in January (UX Camp Chicago: Winter Edition) and on in April (UXPA-Chicago). Thank you to Russ U, Rocio Werner, Nicole Maynard and Billy Carlson for making this happen!
The User Experience field is an infinitely rewarding one that has no shortage of serendipities, fears, risks, wins and losses. My story is one of fear and bravery, bravery and fear, all told from the fresh perspective of a designer who is convinced she is just getting started.
How do you design a career you’ll be proud of? How do you turn constraints into advantages? These are the questions I want to explore as I talk about my own journey into UX from traditional design. From past failures to wake up calls and personal reinventions, I’ll map out this human’s journey so far.
Interested in working with me?
I am available for talks, events, lectures and panel participation. Please get in touch: In and around the US/THE WORLD/Anywhere. If it's the right fit, I'm interested. More about me on my bio. Thank you!
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