Some select photos from my commissioned work with a fantastic boxing gym in Bleecker street called Overthrow NYC. Their Instagram profile is one of my absolute favorites. It was an honor to shoot for them on Mondays for their fundraising classes last Fall 2017. 
Overthrow's classic, gritty New York aesthetics fitted perfectly with my own voice and style of street and urban photography. I may not be a full-time pro photographer, but this is exactly the kind of work and client I imagined myself to be doing if I was doing this for a living. 
Enjoy the photo set. 
All photos shot by Nikki Espartinez for Overthrow NYC.

Fall Mondays


One of the best in the city

Getting in the zone

Layers of preparation

The sight from outside

Many thanks to my clients John and Cynthia for this!
Overthrow NYC on social: Instagram (@Overthrownewyork) Facebook (OverthrowNewYork
If you are in NYC, and would like to take boxing classes, please check them out!

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