How can we build better habits? How can we track our behaviors so we can continuously improve our lives? What exactly can a wearable device do to help people change their lives one day at a time? These are the hard questions that drive Pavlok as a brand and product. I'm currently working with them to uncover more problems and design solutions for their customers through UX and product design.
Wearables + Software UX work. I was working with Behavioral Technology Group, INC.  as a UX Lead Consultant doing heavy UX Writing, Strategy, Research and Wireframing work. 

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Sneak peek on the experience map I've created for this project derived from user interviews, contextual inquiries as well as stakeholder meetings. For a deeper look into what I've done so far for this product, please feel free to contact me:
Curious for more information about Pavlok and the products they're launching?

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