Dubbed as "Blue Harvest", this is a months-long, highly ambitious, uber-fun project that covered: Interactive Google and Facebook ads, branding, UX and writing, content strategy, conceptual social media, and split-screen digital storytelling with the goal of promoting the corporate partnership of Globe Telecom and LucasFilm and one of the most awaited films of this generation, Director JJ Abrams' Star Wars Epi 7: The Force Awakens. To say that this is one of my biggest projects to date is an understatement. As a designer, creative, and someone who grew up watching Star Wars films, this was a dream come true.
And behind every grand dream is a process, synonymous to hardships, patience, resilience, frustration, humility and all the good stuff that makes it absolutely worth it. This eventually became the holistic framework for my future projects. I took everything I learned (the hard way) from this project to the next --- hoping that my lucky stars land me projects similar or better than this one. 

Website landing page

Website landing page featuring the different banners

An interactive ad

My personal favorite: a thematic microsite inside an interactive ad. A treat for the fans.

This is a classic Light Vs Dark storybook-themed Interactive ad


AGENCY: Publicis JimenezBasic
CLIENT: Globe Telecom / LucasFilm
ECD: Brandie Tan
CD: Bia Fernandez
ADs: Jeffrey Thomas
DIGITAL ADS: Jeff Mendoza, Nikki Espartinez
DEVELOPER: Daryl Matthew Lobren

Some of the live links can be viewed through here: 

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