About this app
3D World is a web application produced by New York-based startup, Gina's Ink. Its primary objective is to spread awareness to the potentials of 3D printing using various gamification techniques. It features a video page (containing a 5-min education tour of a 3D printer), an information gallery and three mini-games promoting the practical usage of a 3D printer in the real world.
As the designer, I wanted to make the design direction surrealistic, drawing inspiration from various fantasy-based games and incorporating them with realistic elements, making the look and feel as captivating as possible without sacrificing usability.
Credits to my team
Producer: Gina's Ink
Lead game dev: Adam Walzer
Lead Backend dev: Chuck Reeves
Animator: Marilyn Wren
Designer: Antoinette Gayo
The look and feel of the game as showcased from the screens below — from the animation themes, to the visual art direction of the mini-games inside the app supports its purpose: to capture the users' attention, and bring awareness to the industry of 3D printing with the hopes of using it for practical reasons. 
*not the actual animation* just a gif rendering of one of the screens

Animation treatment

also a mock animation done using gif during one of the web app's initial stages

the gallery

A typography treatment for the global transitions

a drag and drop game inside this dynamic web app
earlier studies of the game draws inspiration from The Martian movie

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