3D-WORLD is a browser-based webapp produced by New York-based startup, children's game maker, Gina's Ink. Its primary objective is to spread awareness to the potentials of 3D printing using the various games inside the hybrid web app. It features a video page (containing an educational tour of a 3D printer), an information gallery, and three games that  promote the practical usage of a 3d printer in the real world scenario.

As the designer, I wanted to make the visuals surrealistic, drawing inspiration from various fantasy-based games and incorporating everything with reality, making the elements more familiar, and thus, providing users with a mix of hyperreality. Without overwhelming the users, I used visual hierarchy and colors to highlight any given task that is required of them while inside the web app. Animations are done using code + adobe cc. I did the art direction (product + marketing) and the ux of this webapp. 

Producer: Gina's Ink
Lead Game Developer: Adam Walzer
Lead Backend Developer: Chuck Reeves
Animator: Marilyn Wren
Designer: Nikki Espartinez

A project by ChangeMyWorldNow.com , made in New York City.​​​​​​​
The look and feel of the game as showcased from the screens below — from the animation themes, to the visual art direction of the mini-games inside the app supports its purpose: to capture the users' attention, and bring awareness to the industry of 3D printing with the hopes of using it for practical reasons. 
*not the actual animation* just a gif rendering of one of the screens

Animation treatment

also a mock animation done using gif during one of the web app's initial stages

the gallery

A typography treatment for the global transitions

a drag and drop game inside this dynamic web app
earlier studies of the game draws inspiration from The Martian movie

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