A personal branding and development project I started sometime in the late 2017. 
1. Diversity in work, and living. 
2. Ownership, and giving a part of yourself to the job you are given.
3. Not taking rejection, and criticism seriously. What I do take seriously? My work. 
This is roughly the first draft of anything. Just a couple of ideas I've been throwing around. No mobile versions of it yet.  All icons, illustrations are custom-made by yours truly
PROBLEM: I want to showcase my maximalist-style in design without compromising accessibility in website design. I look at this project as a playground, a free-spirited space I've dedicated to my own creative freedom as a designer, and one that I hope to push technical boundaries with. 
Additional pages: testimonies from people. In retrospect, the font sizes were pretty darn tiny. Should get around to fixing that.

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