Just a little ux experiment I've been working on. This folder will be updated soon - with all the good stuff. Yes, I got the spelling wrong - I appreciate if you've seen it. 

So this is a personal branding experiment that will showcase me as a designer, as a black and white lover, and as a human who values:

1. Diversity in work, and living. 
2. Ownership, and giving a part of yourself to the job you are given.
3. Not taking rejection, and criticism seriously. What I do take seriously? My work. 

This is roughly the first draft of anything. Just a couple of ideas I've been throwing around. No mobile versions of it yet.  

Of course, icons, illustrations, photos are all original. Taken and drawn by yours truly.
PROBLEM: I can't simplify my about me page without compromising a few things, at the same time - working with a sort of standard LinkedIn-friendly, semi-formal introduction.

SOLUTION: To have two-moods on the page, using a toggle slider - to match the versions I always want to present myself as: PLAYFUL / SERIOUS
The sweet, and powerful testimonials page. I love it.

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